Trading binary options on the forex

What we call ″binary options″ or ″digital options″ are those that systematically incur losses or profits fixed according to the reaching or not of a pre-defined condition at the time of the option expiration.


What are binary options? 

When we talk about binary options, we talk about the idea of ″all or nothing″. In fact, contrary to classic options, the result of a binary option depends on what is defined at the opening of an option. This means, in effect, anticipating the direction that the asset will take, either rising or falling. The result takes no account whatsoever of any other factors.

Despite the risks incurred, we generally consider binary options to be among the simplest methods of trading. In fact, we even know in advance the maximum profit or loss.

It is therefore a limited risk that is involved in trading binary options. These options, well adapted to the general public and, in particular, beginner traders, actually offer a simplified vision to the complexity of the operational methods of traditional markets. This is therefore an excellent manner of simply making a profit in the short term. It is no doubt this fact that makes them so popular with individual traders.


The subjacent assets proposed by binary options are


How do you pass a binary option order ?

When a binary option takes the direction you foresaw, we say that this option is ″in the money″. Contrarily, when an option takes the opposite direction to that foreseen we say it is ″out of the money″. In the rare situation where the binary option expires at the same rate at the departure, the trader will receive the amount of their initial investment.  But, all that depends on the conditions determined at the initial contract.

It should be equally noted that a binary option expresses the fluctuation that can occur at a precise moment and under certain pre-determined market conditions.


Which trading platforms offer binary options ?

We would recommend the trading platforms OptionFair and 24Option as they are specialised in binary options for currencies, shares and commodities. These are serious brokers with efficient support. Also read our detailed comparison of platforms that trade in binary options.



In conclusion, binary options represent a very good method of starting to trade on the Forex. They enable individuals that don’t have time to study traditional trading to still profit from the advantages of foreign exchange trading whilst giving them the security of mastering the risks. You can also find a lot of information on our website specialised in binary options.


Trade now using binary options

Trading binary options is undoubtedly the simplest and most accessible investment method currently available. If you are a beginner, open an account now for trading options online and start making profits easily.


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